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Why Are Dental Insurance Maximums So Low

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Best For Major Dental Work: Careington

FAQ I have Dental Insurance So Why is My Dental Bill SO HIGH???

Careington C500 Dental Savings Plan

  • Number of Policy Types: 4
  • Number of States Available: 49
  • Providers In-Network: 100,000+
  • Copays still required

Careington is prepared to help with your major dental work, offering discount dental plans with an upfront fee schedule that makes it easy to understand your coverage. There are no eligibility exclusions, although plans are not available in Vermont. Plans start at $8.95 per month or $89 per year with member savings of up to 60% off standard dental procedures.

In addition to overall affordability, Careingtons coverage is comprehensive, with no waiting period, and includes cosmetic services like braces, dentures, and teeth whitening. While orthodontic coverage includes braces, it provides only up to 20% off normal costs.

Careington also offers DialCare Teledentistry, which offers a new way to communicate with experienced and licensed dental providers. There is 24/7 support available 365 days a year via virtual consultations done over the phone or video chat. You can receive advice and even a diagnosis for everyday and urgent dental-related issues.

Look Into A Discount Dental Plan

Discount dental plans or dental savings plans can give you the security of coverage without the cost. Youll pay an annual fee and get a discount, anywhere from 10% to 60%, on average dental care prices. Unlike insurance plans, there are no annual caps or waiting periods.

Policygenius has an analysis of dental discount plans, which require some comparison shopping for the best deal.

Find A Dentist You Like And Stay With Them

While you may never actually enjoy going to the dentist, it’s important to find someone you trust and are comfortable with. Why? Because dentist loyalty results in more dental visits and better outcomes: People who have been with the same dentist for ten or more years are more likely to go regularly and report having excellent or very good dental health.1 If you have a dentist you like, make sure he or she is in-network. If you don’t already have a dentist, a larger network can increase your odds of finding a provider you like.

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Dental Coverage Leads To Earlier And Better Dental Care And Better Health

People don’t get health insurance or even auto insurance because they expect to get every premium dollar back. They get it to protect their finances and wellbeing and because not having coverage could leave them far worse off. The same is true for dental insurance.

Research conducted by the NADP shows that Americans with dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist, take their children to the dentist, receive restorative care, and experience greater overall health. Guardian’s own studies 1 reinforce this finding:

  • Perceived cost is the #1 reason for skipping dental visits
  • More than 70% of working adults with dental insurance visit the dentist at least once a year that drops to 40% when there is no insurance

When people have dental insurance either through the workplace or purchased individually preventive care is typically covered 100%. So there’s no reason to let cost get in the way of a checkup in fact, paying for insurance encourages many people to see a dentist in order to “get their money’s worth.” Checkups, cleanings, and x-rays can prevent many issues and catch others early on when they are far easier and less costly to treat. That can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing even more than you may realize.

Why get a dental plan that may or may not save you money this year? Because it’s really about protecting your teeth and your health.

Cosmetic Care Is Never Covered

Why Choose a Low Cost Dental Discount Plan?

In todays competitive world, jobs, opportunities and even romance can be affected by your smile and how you feel about it. Insurance companies dont care. If you have multiple cavities on front teeth the solution they will pay for is white fillings. Although white fillings are not bad even the best white fillings microscopically look like sandpaper as compared to tooth enamel. So imagine what happens when you eat cherry pie or have a glass of red wine. Yep youve got it. White fillings turn a light shade of pink. This might work during breast cancer awareness week but for the other 51 weeks it is not so cool. Also I have seen white filling catch food between the teeth causing tooth decay on adjacent teeth.

I cant count the times insurance companies have declined to pay for more comprehensive and aesthetic porcelain crowns because they want their customers to experience the consequences of bubble gum and bailing wire dentistry with white filling alternatives.

I had patients who have let insurance companies influence their decision on accepting large white fillings up front come back later regretting their decision. Many of them decided to pay out of pocket to do it right in the first place. Although they are much happier today they paid a heavy price. They paid the deductible and co-pay for the fillings and then for the full coverage porcelain crowns. Plus they had to go through an extra dental procedure.

NO yearly Maximums

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What Is Supplemental Dental Insurance

Supplemental dental insurance is meant to manage the costs of dental procedures not covered by your existing dental plan. Many dental insurance plans only pay up to $1,500. This is fine for cleanings or cavity fillings, so supplemental dental insurance is a great purchase when you know you may need more coverage. Some dental insurance plans also dont cover preexisting conditions, so supplemental dental can help bridge the gap.

How To Get A Full Coverage Dental Plan

If you or your spouse have dental benefits through work, thats almost always the way to go. Companies get lower group rates than individuals typically can, and they can tailor their employee dental plans to provide a fuller set benefits, including comprehensive preventive care.

If thats not an option, consider buying directly from a dental plan provider. Since all major providers will offer a few options, take the time to compare the plans offered and remember that the plan with the lowest premium may not provide the best value for your familys needs.

Finally, if youre an employer or brokerlooking for cost-effective dental strategies that can help keep your employees healthier and more productive, consider talking with a Guardian Representative to find out about the options available for your company.

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How Do You Apply For Dental Insurance

There are a couple of ways you can get dental insurance:

  • Your employer may offer you dental coverage as part of your employment benefits. If so, you can apply for that during annual open enrollment. There may be different types of dental plans you can choose from that can help cover the type of dental care you expect to need.
  • If your employer doesnt offer dental insurance, or if you lose a job or work for yourself, you can buy a dental plan on your own. You can do this either through a state health exchange or directly from a health insurance company like Cigna.

Do Maximums Carry Over

Why Am I So Fat? – Dr. John McDougall (lecture only)

Unlike cell phone minutes, dental maximums do not carry over to the next year if theyre not used. Dental insurance providers will allow you a set amount of money, per person, per year. You do not collect that amount and add to it if it doesnt get used. So if your plan will pay $1000, that amount is for you, and you have a year to use it. If you dont, thats fine it will be $1000 the next year.

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Preventive Care Is Controlled By Insurance Companies And Can Sometimes Be Detrimental To Your Health

Although experts agree that routine dental exams and regular cleanings may help prevent the incidence of higher-cost treatments such as periodontal surgery, root canals, extractions and fillings and early detection and prevention can minimize your need for more serious dental treatment, insurance companies continue to reduce coverage on those services. First, they restrict the number of visits you may need to control gum disease. Some people who have the genetics and lifestyle that contribute to gum disease need to be monitored more closely. Regardless, insurance companies will only cover a fixed number of visits for gum therapy. Some limit the visits to as few as one covered appointment per year and restrict some test and x-rays necessary to monitor your progress to once every 5 years. Gum disease has been found to have a correlation with heart attacks and even early onset of Alzheimers. Can you imagine if you were a cancer survivor or a patient with acute high blood pressure having such restrictions?

Although with the new digital x-rays patients get 1/20th the radiation from an x-ray, insurance coverage refuse to pay for many x-rays that are necessary for the dentist to monitor your dental health. If something goes undetected until it causes pain, inconvenience or even loss of teeth it doesnt really matter to the insurance company. Remember they will only cost them a maximum of $1,000 per year.

Most Popular Type Of Dental Insurance In Florida

Like health insurance, there are many different types of dental plans, and the average dentist participates in about six of those plans, according to the National Association of Dental Plans . The most popular type of dental plan in Florida is preferred provider organization plan. In fact, PPOs make up more than 80% of Florida dental plans, according to the NADP.

What is a dental PPO?

While this type of dental plan isnt the cheapest, PPOs offer flexibility that is important to many enrollees. You have the option to pick a dentist of your choice. If the dentist is in the plans network, services will be less expensive, but you can still go outside of the network if you dont mind paying a little extra.

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Fact : Dental Insurance Is Not True Insurance

Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance does not provide significant protection against unexpected or unaffordable costs. Medical insurance often pays a large portion of expenses after a deductible or co-pay has been met. Dental insurance, on the other hand, is designed to be only an aid or supplement to help with your dental care.

Insurance companies spend a lot of money on marketing and promotion, giving customers the impression theyll pay up to 80%, even 100%, of their dentists fees. Despite what youve been told, we find that many plans cover anywhere from 40% to 60% of an average dental fee. For the same procedure, some plans pay more and some pay less. Ultimately, the amount paid by insurance is determined by how much your employer paid for the plan. The less the employer paid for the insurance, the less youll receive in benefits.

Fact : If Your Insurance Plan Is A Ppo You Can Choose Your Own Dentist And Are Not Forced To See A Network Dentist In Order To Receive Benefits

Low Cost Dental Insurance in Fort Lauderdale

Despite what the insurance company tells you, dental benefits will be paid when you choose your own dentist in a PPO plan. Something you probably dont know is that non-network officeslike oursare often allowed higher UCRs than in-network providers for the same procedures. But an insurance company will always encourage you to see a network provider because doing will save money for the insurance company.

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Best For No Waiting Period: Cigna

Cigna Insurance

  • Implants are out-of-pocket

Cigna is best when you need dental coverage immediately without any waiting periods. Its dental plans give access to full preventive care with no deductibles or copays required. Pricing begins at $19 per month, giving you access to more than 92,700 dentists in more than 309,000 locations across the U.S.

To help you find a provider, Cigna offers its proprietary Brighter Score feature, which uses an exclusive scoring model to rate dentists and specialists based on factors like services, pricing, and customer experience. Even better, you do not have to choose a primary provider, and there are no referrals required for specialists.

However, there is a waiting period of up to 12 months for major dental work, and coverage for cosmetic and implant services is missing from Cigna dental plans. Orthodontic services are available under the Cigna Dental 1500 plan under a $50 per person lifetime deductible with a $1,000 per person lifetime maximum. There is no waiting period for preventive care, but basic and major services, such as simple extractions, crowns, and root canal therapy all have waiting periods that can last anywhere from six to 12 months, depending on whether minor or major services are required.

Ppo Or Preferred Provider Organization Plans

With a PPO, you pay lower fees to see certain in-network or preferred providers.

Pros: The insurance network pays more than they might with an indemnity plan or HMO plan. You arent required to see in-network providers, but you save money when you do.

Cons: Youll pay more if you see a provider out of the network. PPO plans often come with a maximum amount theyll reimburse in a calendar year. Some procedures may not be covered or have a waiting period before coverage starts.

This plan is best if: You dont need major dental work right away, but want to be prepared in case you need it in the future. Youd like some flexibility in your choice of dental providers but dont want to pay high premiums.

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Annual Maximum Meaning For Dental Insurance

Make sure that you understand the definition of annual maximum for dental insurance to avoid nasty surprises. The annual maximum is the yearly limit that any plan will pay in allowed charges. Allowed charges are the pre-negotiated fees for specific services rendered by participating providers.

The company stops honoring claims once you reach the annual limit. You must pay for oral care 100% out-of-pocket from that point forward at least until the new contract year begins.

  • Financial assistance programs could help a lucky few
  • Actually, people run out of benefits in two ways not just one. Forecast your expenses based on your treatment plan to avoid running short of money to fix your teeth.

    • Annual maximum limits what the policy pays in any contract year. These limits are temporary but apply across a broad spectrum of services.
    • Lifetime maximum caps the money paid over the lifetime of a member. These limits are permanent but usually only apply to certain services such as orthodontia.

    Consider A Dental Savings Plan

    Best California Dental Insurance with Low Premium and No Waiting

    Dental discount plans enable you to save 10%-60% on your dental care. There are plans that cover all treatments from braces to dentures. There are no annual spending caps, waiting periods, approval process or restrictions on pre-existing conditions.

    Dental savings plans are very affordable. The plans available on range from $79.95-$199.95 annually. Plus, many of dental savings plans include additional free bonus benefits too, such as savings on vision and hearing care, prescriptions, and other wellness services. Select plans even include a bundle of health and wellness services which range from telemedicine free consultations with local doctors who can diagnose and treat common ailments , discounts on chiropractic, alternative medicine and fitness centers, and savings on lab work and medical diagnostic services.

    Visit to find out about how dental savings plans can help make quality dental care affordable.


    Dental Information Center

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    How Do Maximums Work

    Every dental plan has a maximum amount that they will pay every year. Some plans may run on a consecutive month basis, while others pay by calendar year, from January to December. For example, your plan may pay $1000 between January 1, 2018 up to December 31, 2018. Once 2019 rolls around, the maximum will be replenished.

    If you have a dental visit that includes a cleaning, polishing, x-rays, and an exam, the total cost will be applied to your maximum. Later on in the year, if you need to have a filling placed, the cost will also be deducted from your account. If your costs exceed the yearly amount, you will need to pay the remainder out of pocket.

    What Questions Should You Ask Before Picking A Policy

    • Which dental procedures am I likely to need this year?
    • How much would they cost out of pocket?
    • How much would they cost with insurance?
    • How much will I pay monthly and annually in premiums?
    • How much will I pay for a regular cleaning without insurance? With insurance?

    What is the maximum annual payout for this insurance policy? Which procedures are covered?

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    Frequently Asked Dental Questions

    Texas dental plans were made for individuals, families and groups looking for an alternative to Texas dental insurance. Participating dental care providers have agreed to accept a reduced fee from plan members in exchange for services performed.

    Searching for a dentist near you is easy. Just go to the dentist finder tool and enter your zip code. Then give us a few details, like the name of your plan, to help us narrow your results. Then click on Search for Dentists to get your personalized list.

    Our dental plans typically activate within three business days there are no lengthy waiting periods for coverage.

    There are major differences. Discount dental plans have no annual limits or maximums, so you can enjoy using the plan all year long. Unlike dental insurance that has defined coverage, discount dental plans allow you to select plans that cover exactly the procedures that you need, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

    Fact : Dental Plans In The 1960s Allowed A Maximum Benefit Of $1000 Per Year Per Person Todaymore Than 50 Years Laterthe Average Plan Still Allows Only $1000

    Dental Implants in Mexico

    Premiums have increased. The costs of supplies, materials, technology, staff, and utilities have increased. The cost of owning a business has increased, and the cost of living has increasedall significantly in 50 years. But the average annual maximum for a dental plan continues to hover at $1,000not enough to cover a single root canal at 80%.

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